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About Us



Storm Guard of LA is committed to bringing the highest quality Hurricane protection to Acadiana. We work with each individual to match your home with a product that meets your specific needs as well as your budget.

The question is not "If", but "when" we will be in the path of the next major hurricane.  Our primary focus at Storm Guard of La is to educate and inform the public on protective measures that are available to ensure their homes and businesses are safe from loss during a hurricane.

From an affordability standpoint, we can assist you in understanding the federal, state, and local government financial assistance programs that are available to businesses and homeowners in Louisiana, as well as the benefit of reduced homeowner's insurance rates once our products are installed.

At Storm Guard of La you will be dealing with EXPERTS!  Our chief engineer and designer, James Nowosielski, has over 15 years in the construction industry and seven years in the hurricane protection division.  His thorough background in all phases of the construction industry insures success.

Storm Guard of La adheres to the strictest building code standards in the United States, maintaining product and installation standards mandated by the Insurance Commissioners in both Florida and Texas.  We are licensed and insured.  Licensing certificate can provided at your request.